Pferdezucht in Sachsen & Thüringen

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Studbook entry


The young mare reaches breeding maturity at the age of 3 years and can thus be registered in a studbook. An entry in the 3rd or 4th year of life is favorable to have a comparability and selection within the age class.


The registration for the regional mare registrations takes place via the breeding association. The dates are published on the Internet under: and in the association's magazine „Pferde in Sachsen undThüringen“ .

Requirements for mare registration:

  • age-appropriate development and condition, good state of care
  • healthy, free from contagious diseases
  • vaccination against influenza and tetanus
  • optimal condition of the hooves, if necessary shoeing
  • the person who is presenting should wear association's clothes and be able to present the mare in a sportive way
  • the breeds German Sport Horse and Riding Pony are presented with braided mane

Presentation of the mare:

  • Presentation at hand in walk and trot
  • free movement/running in the indoor arena

Judging of the mare by thecommission:

The commission consists of the breeding director or a representative appointed by him/her and a breeder appointed by the breeding club. From an average score of 7.5, the mare qualifies as a Association's Premium Candidate and from a score of 8.0, the mare qualifies as a State Premium Candidate. The mare receives a total of 7 scores from 1-10, with 10 being the best score (see example Breeding Register). Prerequisite for the title Association's Premium (Verbandsprämie) or State Premium (Staatsprämie) is a passed performance test up to the completed 6th year of age and additionally for the State Premium the participation in the mare championship.
With the registration in the studbook the mare is an active broodmare. This means that the mare will receive a mating certificate every year and will be charged accordingly. If the mare is not to be covered in the coming year, she can be deregistered until 30th Nobember of the current year. Deregistered mares can be registered for breeding again at any time and a mating certificate can be requested from the Horse Breeding Association.