Pferdezucht in Sachsen & Thüringen

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Horse Breeding Online

The Digital World of Horse Breeding

Plan and organize the breeding year: simply register for free and off you go - whether in the office, stable or on the road!

Access to the Portal Horse Breeding Online under this link!

The digital world has long since found its way into everyday breeding life and so the Horse Breeding Association Saxony-Thuringia e.V., together with VIT (Vereinigte Informationssysteme Tier) and the breeding associations Brandenburg-Anhalt and Baden-Württemberg, has also succeeded in developing an online service portal for its members which, especially in the times of Corona, makes the exchange of information considerably more time-saving and flexible.

In your personal PferdezuchtOnline (Horse Breeding Online) account you have the possibility to view and manage your entire breeding stock. You as breeders have access to all data of your horses: On the one hand, you can find the foals you have bred, view coverings and even download mating certificates. On the other hand, PferdezuchtOnline offers you the option to actively manage your mare stock:

  • Register and sign off mares: Broodmares can easy be set to "active" and be signed off at the end of the year again.
  • Excerpts from the studbook can comfortably be downloaded in PDF format and can then be sent to potential buyers: This speeds up the flow of information, as basic data, registration scores, foal numbers or results of performance tests can be transmitted directly. At the same time, the company's own register is kept up to date.
  • Some breeders might be active in equestrian sports and are thereby already familiar with registering your horses online for events: Sign up online for foal shows, mare registrations and much more.
  • As a breeder you will get a short insight about the already registered number of horses or provisional time allocations and can thus organize your journey and your staff optimally.

Another advance in terms of communication and speed is given to the breeder, in that he can register his or her membership from anywhere and also change personal data. Through the automatic update at the association, your address and name data are always up to date. Since we attach great importance to data protection, your details are only visible to you.