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Report Foaling Online

Directly from the Stable to the Breeding Organization

From now on, breeders have the possibility to send the foal birth notification online to the association with the 'Report Foaling Online'. For this, only the life number of the foal for which the report is to be made, as well as the membership number of the breeder and his/her email address are required (must be deposited with the association!). The information is immediately available to the association's studbook. As a protocol of the performed foaling report the breeder receives an email with the report data. Whether cell phone, tablet or PC - the 'foaling report online' can be called up on all devices.

The online registration enables the mare owner a quick and convenient solution as an alternative to the foaling report filled out by mail. Breeders must must report the birth to the association within 28 days according to the association's statutes. Optionally, the name and color of the foal can be entered. If required, the registration for the foal show can also be entered in the text field.

It is important to note that the stud certificate with the completed foal registration form must still be handed in at the foal show, e.g. in case of a missing stud registration form, a missing signature of the stallion owner, etc..


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If you have not yet provided us with an e-mail address, it is sufficient to call the association at: +49 35207 89630 or +49 3643 24880.