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Young Breeder - What's that about?

Young breeders are young people up to the age of 25, who have fun and interest in horses and their breeding. A horse of their own is not a prerequisite. You can become a young breeder by getting in touch with the contact person at the association or in the breeding clubs. There you will receive all the important information.

After that, you can start immediately with training courses, attending further education events and taking part in competitions. Furthermore, the help of young breeders is always welcome at foal shows, mare registrations and championships.


Young Breeder Competitions

In young breeders' competitions, skills are tested in three areas: theory, horse judging and horse presentation. The fourth part is the obligatory celebration, which is part of every competition. It is not included in the overall evaluation, which is regretted by some young breeders.

[Translate to Englisch:] Theorieprüfung zum Bundesjungzüchterwettbewerb


Here you have to acquire a lot of knowledge about horse breeding and keeping. We learn a lot around the horse together. Focuses are feeding, husbandry, breeding and rearing as well as equestrianism.

[Translate to Englisch:] Exterieurbeurteilung

Judging of Confirmation

Here it should be recognized which advantages and disadvantages a horse has in terms of type, confirmation and movement. After the assessment, the ranking of the presented example horses also takes place.

[Translate to Englisch:] Tim Süß - Deutscher Meister im Vormustern 2018

Horse Presentation

The correct and optimal presentation of horses at walk and trot are things that are of great benefit in the daily handling of our noble four-legged friends.

The Party

After all the tests, celebrating is an important part of every supra-regional young breeders' competition. Here the team spirit is strengthened, new contacts are made and friendships are formed, sometimes for life.